Appliance Roundup

Avoiding the 10 most common problems when doing the washing and drying

1. Too much washing powder - using too much detergent/washing powder has a negative effect on both the clothes, sometimes making them feel faded and dingy, and can greatly reduce the life of the clothes. Washing powder overuse can also gum up your washing machine, including the draining outlet and door mechanism. Advice - always read the label and remember that modern washing machines use far less water than older models.

2. Overloading - front loading washing machines need free space in order to move the clothes around - always leave some space in the washing machine and your clothes will be less crinkled and cleaner.

3. Not emptying the lint filter - believe it or not, lint filter build-up can be a fire hazard, so always clean it after each cycle.

4. Packing bolts - washing machines use packing bolts when new to secure the tub, so always follow the removal instruction, as not removing them can permanently damage the machine or cause it to vibrate and jump.

5. Not using fabric softener not many people are aware that fabric softener plays two roles in your washing routine, one to keep your clothes soft and the other to assist in the drying cycle. Fabric softener allows the clothes to fall away from the tub more easily during the drying cycle.

6. Mixing fabrics and colours - always sort your clothes, it prolongs the life of them and saves you from having to wear that white shirt with a shade of blue.

7. Shrinkage - tumble dryers today dry clothes in a record time, which has resulted in higher temperatures. Hang them up to not only avoid shrinkage, but also save on electrcity.

8. Unbalanced loads - this can cause earth shattering vibrations for a few seconds and is not recommeded. Try using a professional cleaning services for those large heavy items or wash them by hand in the bath.

9. Pens/paper/other objects left in clothes - check your pockets before washing, ink can cause irreversable damage to the entire load - best avoided.

10. Leaky pipes - leaky or burst pipes and hoses can cause major damage. Always try and monitor your washing machine and check pipes and hoses regularly to avoid disaster.