Appliance Roundup

Appliance Buying Tips

1) Ensure you're buying from a reputable retailer (at all our retailers are major players in the market and offer great service)

2) Ensure that VAT and delivery costs are taken into account (many of the retailers on offer free delivery or delivery at a nominal charge)

3) Check for extended warranties (John Lewis offers up to an extended 5-year warranty on all purchases at no charge, over and above the manufacturers warranty)

4) Compare prices (all prices are automatically compared on this site from our range of shopping partners)

5) If the appliance requires installation, check whether the retailer can do this for you, often this can be performed for a small fee

6) Use a credit card to pay for appliances as often if you encounter any issues you will often have a recourse with the credit card company (in addition, some credit cards offer warranties on items purchased)

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